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  • The problems of alcohol consumption in Ireland
  • Working in Ireland: What you need to have seen?
  • Best country to live in, best English school and more - PCVV # 18
  • Dublin in a month. Can you enjoy?
  • Compensates travel by car through Europe?



European passport, hair coloring and more on FAQ PCVV Part 2

Pint, Talk and Vice Versa (PCVV) continues to answer the questions you sent while I (Mah!) and Ti died laughing and cold! How [...]

Regrets the exchange, Health Insurance and more on FAQ PCVV Part 1
E-Dublin TV - Unraveling the island of Malta - Part 1
E-Dublin TV - Volunteer Ireland



Purchases of the Week after the crisis

You read it here on E-Dublin that the cost of living in Ireland rose by 2.6% in 2011. But how these numbers affect the life of an exchange student? [...]

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
Planning your exchange trip to Europe (Ireland) - Part 2
Refund of VAT - Value Added Tax



Special Underemployment: From drool barista

Today we escape a little of the rule and not just rely on one underemployment, but several. Alias ​​today's post also serves to illustrate [...]

I went back and now?
From Portugal to Dublin. The exchange of Gisele Almeida
Why I swapped Ireland for Portugal?
easy budget

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