Have you ever heard about the ManHunt?

Have you ever heard about the ManHunt?

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Hello, e-dubliners and visitors! Moreover, welcome! 

My name is Anne Aguemi and I have decided to challenge myself and produce some articles in English for E-Dublin. Be brave, dear fellows. We shall surpass the language barrier on this journey! I am your humble guide, also known as Megu, from Mangá’s Juice Land. Introductions done, join me in this new adventure that is ready to start! Our first stop is called ManHunt, organized by ClueddUp. 

ClueddupManHunt?”, you ask me…


Foto: Cluedupp / Reprodução

Have you ever heard about Cluedo (UK) or Clue (USA)? They are board game. (It is also known as “Detetive” in Portuguese). Imagine if it took place in real life, in different cities. Now, add to this idea a Pokémon Go GPS location style… And to find what? Virtual witnesses! But, hold on, it is not that simple. You cannot just “catch” the clue like a Pokémon. No, no. It would be too easy. In this game, you are a detective, the next Sherlock Homes! You and your teammates must solve the mystery – the crime enigma. Thus, think carefully. Nothing is what it may seem. 

“Wait! Tell me more about it!” 

Well, well. Now that I have caught your interest, would you like to know more about this amazing event? For sure, you want to. Behold, dear fellows. I went to the source, to where it all started. Do not worry. I shall share this precious information. Some that the Great Treff himself shared. 


The mind behind it, of course. The owner himself! He gave us the pleasure of finding out more about it. Yes, dear fellows. Now, you are going to be presented with the greatest knowledge about this event! 

Warning: the following article is based on an interview with Treff Griffthis but was compiled and paraphrased by Megu. She might have slightly changed somethings. 

Read it for your own joy but at your own risk. (Please, forgive her mistakes. She apologizes beforehand.) 

So, how did the ManHunt start? Could you tell me a little bit about it? From the very first idea?

Girls in action in Birmingham. Agatha crime. Foto: Cluedupp webpage

Girls in action in Birmingham. Agatha crime. Foto: Cluedupp Webpage

It all started when Treff and his wife spent a holiday in Loch Ness, Scotland. There, the lovely couple participated in a murder mystery case held by their hotel. Afterwards, they wondered how it would be if it happened outside, outdoors – this was the very first idea. Later on, the idea took form and the first event was held on January 28th that same year in Milton Keynes, in which the number of participants were way bigger than expected – 200 instead of 20! So, that’s why Treff and his team figured out it would work in other places. 

And to make it happen? Was it difficult? Which was the biggest challenge of the project?

Treff already had an idea of how to make it happen since he had previously worked with customer service in technology companies and app development. Thus, he joined all his dots. Good relations with the client, dialogue, passion for mystery, a technology background and… Voilà. Ok, ok. Not that simple. There is no formula. However, after some tries – and the fever of Pokémon Go helped a little – things started taking shape. And why was Pokémon such a good insight? Well, first the clues would be attached to landmarks and relevant places. However, from time to time the cities’ entities would move the features or do something with it. To put it simply, ruining the game or giving it a lot of trouble. (Glad that now we don’t have to worry about that.) 

Now, now. This had been an obstacle in the past, but the biggest challenge is always… the mystery itself! 

As we all know, it is hard to create a good story. An interactive and involving one so… Well, fortunately, they have succeeded. And, even though the plot is the same for each edition of the event, the clues are adapted to the respective cities and landmarks. (They even have a researcher just to look for cool places and get to know them better. Cool, huh?) 

Altogether, ManHunt is an outdoor event that intends to make best use of technology and bring people outside, made for all ages and so all of the participants can get the best out of it. 

Could you tell us about the previous events? How has it been?

They have been doing as many events as they could and so far it has been a huge success! With 28 held, 11.760 players and 504 witnesses interrogated. The biggest one was held in Hull and it had 1.200 participants! 

On Saturday (16/09), we had the very first edition here in Dublin. Around 700 participants were expected. And, as is shown in the pictures, even the terrible weather wasn’t an obstacle to the detective’s fun! 

And what about partnerships?

Since the project started, different kinds of media have got interested. One big recent partner is20th Century Fox, that together with ClueddUp will make a release event celebrating the movie Murder on the Orient Express in October and November. It is already in process and the cities scheduled for the route are: 


Have you thought about bringing the ManHunt to other countries in future? Where? 

Rome, Italy and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Yay!) The first because of historical reasons. As for Rio, it’s a beautiful place and Treff really wants to go there. 

However, first they are planning to bring it to English speaking countries such as United Stated, Canada and Australia. 

Behold, dear fellows. They also have plans to translate it to other languages. We shall not lose faith.

Our time will come! 

To know more about ManHunt and other events, access ClueDupp.

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anneAnne Aguemi é escritora e PR no site Suco de Mangá, no qual assina pelo nick de Megu. Graduanda em Psicologia pela PUC SP, é paulistana apaixonada por cultura de nicho e pop oriental. Está aprendendo a ser gente grande e foi se aventurar por essas bandas dublinenses.

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